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COPORWA turns to you, as different individuals, partners, benefactors to kindly request your support by technical, material, financial or ideal contributions to reach its mission. This is to promote the respect of rights, the social and economic integration of the community of potters within the Rwandan society through education, culture, reinforcement of livelihood and defence of human rights.

We are happy about technical, material and financial contribution in the following fields: Livelihood, Human Rights, Education, Culture, and internal management of COPORWA.

The following projects urgently need to be supported in order to improve the living conditions of the Batwa potters of Rwanda:

-Sustainable livelihoods: “Improving food security and increasing the income of the Potters of Rwanda”

This project aims to increase the livelihoods strongly and to satisfy the basic needs of the Rwandese Potters.

Human Rights: “Claiming the Potter’s rights participation in public affairs”

This project aims to promote the integration of the Potters in the national development programs in order that they are going to participate in public affairs.

Education: “Alphabetization of adult Potters”

This project aims to strengthen the Potters’ abilities through the alphabetization of non-schooled adults (women and men).

“Promotion of the Education in all levels”

This project aims to support the potters to finish their studies (Primary, Secondary, University), to sensitize the parents and to stimulate the participation and support of the whole community for the education of their children.

Culture: “Valorizing and Saving the tradition of the Rwandese Potters”

This project aims to protect traditional knowledge and culture of the Potters in order to generate income and to preserve it for future generations.

If you are thinking about supporting us in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail (