Sustainable Livelihoods

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COPORWA’s program of livelihood was initiated and established in 2002 in order to contribute to find solutions for the socio-economic problems of the potter community in Rwanda. In general it aims to reduce the potter’s extreme and chronic poverty and in particularly it struggles against the lack of land and employment, against the low level of income as well as against the lack of access to the management of public goods and of the participation in the development programs of this country. All these problems entail others like the problematic of health, the lack of appropriate housing, the insecurity of food, begging and vagabondage.

Within the framework oft this program COPORWA could create cooperatives, organize trainings about entrepreneurship, construct 79 houses and provide support in agriculture and animal husbandry to different members of cooperatives. Moreover COPORWA has opened a shop for modern pottery products and created brickworks and centres for ceramic pottery.

During a period of 5 years (2010-2014) the program of livelihood aims to solve the bad situation of housing, the nutritional insecurity and the low level of income by assisting them to take themselves in charge through the global objective to improve the livelihoods in a sustainable way and to satisfy the potters’ basic needs.

To achieve this COPORWA supports the young potters who did not have the chance to finish primary and secondary school to learn professions. In addition COPORWA aspires to diversify the income generating activities like modern agriculture and cattle breeding, masonry, basketwork, mechanics, modern pottery, carpentry, dress-making or small trading.

During the year of 2010 the program of livelihood achieved the following successes:

  • 184 households have been trained in the field of agriculture and cattle breeding
  • 146 young potters have learned professions
  • The members of 25 cooperatives have been trained in management of cooperatives and project elaboration and management of credits
  • 16 potter families have recovered their land, which had been despoiled by their neighbours
  • More than 50 households have got kitchen gardens
  • The 57 families of Coko (Cyahinda Sector) were given domestic materials
  • 184 households were given 184 goats and 3 cows
  • 26 households (Muganza) benefited from marshes to do agriculture and brickworks thanks to the plea of COPORWA
  • 18 coordinators and intermediaries have been trained to become trainers in cooperative management, project elaboration and credit management.

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