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According to the survey on the socio-economic life of the households of the beneficiaries of COPORWA (carried out in 2004) 77% of the adult potters are illiterate. 51% of the potters have reached the primary level, 1% has enjoyed secondary education and a negligible number has studied at university.  This data shows us the really low level of education of the potter community. As a result there are lots of other problems:

The potters aren’t able to inform about their rights and can’t participate in the basic levels of administration for example.  In order to raise the potters’ level of education and to contribute to the solution of the other problems of the community the Department of Education supports the schooling of children and the alphabetization of adults.

Since 1999 almost 1.000 potters have been alphabetized and about 300 children have been given scholar support, so that 65 young potters have finished secondary school and 43 have begun their university studies. Despite of this success there are still lots of illiterate potters and many young potters without the opportunity for superior studies. We will continue our work.


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