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COPORWA has four big fields of intervention that represent the “strategic axes”: The Department of Livelihood aims to increase the economic income of the potters and to help them to find appropriate houses in the process of teaching how to be self-reliant.

The strategic axis of Human Rights aims to increase the knowledge and capacities concerning the human rights of the Rwandese community of potters and to provide legal advice and aid in favour of this community to help them to plead and to enjoy their civil, political, economic and socio-cultural rights.

Through the programs of the Department of Education COPORWA wants to promote the schooling of all children at all levels (nursery, primary, secondary school and university) and promote the alphabetization of the adult potters.

The strategic axis of Culture aims to preserve the culture of the potter community in order to value it and to generate income through activities based on their cultural heritage.

These four strategic objectives are linked by three cross-cutting issues: Health, Promotion of gender and Environment, which all affect the potters’ daily life in particularly and which all contribute to the sustainable development of the community and the country in general.

In the field of Health COPORWA wants to contribute to the struggle against HIV/AIDS, malaria, children’s diseases and the promotion of family planning and hygiene.

Concerning the issue of Gender COPORWA will promote equal opportunities between men and women in the development of the potters’ community and will promote the respect for the women’s rights and the economic independence of the potter women in Rwanda. For the five years of COPORWA’s strategic plan (2010-2014) COPORWA will adopt specific strategies and approach to encourage the potter women to participate in the leadership of the organization, to promote the young potter girls’ education and to strengthen the women’s economic capacities within their household.

In the field of Environment COPORWA aims to promote the participation of the potter community in the management of the Rwandese environmental diversity. As well, COPORWA wants to promote the traditional pottery towards modern pottery, taking into account to have access to the required raw materials (clay, sand, firewood, peat, etc.).


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